Who am I and Why am I doing this?

My name is Maria Ines Ramirez, I was born and raised in the heart of South America in a beautiful country called Paraguay. 

I am 35 years old, I'm a lawyer, and I have a Masters degree in Parliamentary Law, I have been working in the Congress of my country for 12 years now, I've worked in both chambers and in many departments. 

I was always interested about the laws as tools for organizing society. It doesn´t take to be too smart to realize that the political and economic system is messed up. Since I was very young I had this concern about other kids that did not have the same opportunities that I had. I remember asking my parents about it and they sort of told me that that is just the way things are, some people are born in families where their parents work and make money and they go to school and some kids are born in families that can not afford this.

I thought this was BS, why we couldn't just create a system that will make sure everyone gets the essential things they need. 

I guess I was just too young and naive. In my country there is too much social inequality, you'd often see kids in the streets asking for food or money, like many other developing countries. And people just get use to it and accept it, and become indifferent to it. And this was always very hard for me, and I wanted to change this. But not with charity, but by redesigning the whole system. Why? well, in the years I had been working in the Congress of my country I have seen politicians taking advantage of poverty because that way the votes are cheaper,  and a very expensive machinery that is a big waste of peoples money. And I do understand the importance of the legislative branch as the representation of the people in the government, And I understand that after so many different types of government democracy is the best type of government, where there are separation of powers, rule of law and fundamental rights.  I understand there are centuries of debates of different ideologies, theories, philosophy about it but most of it was written for a very different world. I think that we can, and we should, as concerned citizens of the world join in this task of rethinking the system, I am sure that there must be other initiatives like this, I just haven't found them yet, this is why I started this website in order to find others that are working on this task. I do believe in politics as a way to improve the lives of people, I just would like that it would go beyond the borders of one country, and the interests of a few, and I believe that there are many many people that would agree on this, so I want the Global Party to be a space for this. 


I am well aware of how complicated this is and that I am not capable of this. Even Though I had the wonderful chance to go to college and even study abroad and have a masters degree, there are a so many people with better opportunities that would be a lot better than me, but yet, I don't see this happening right now and I do think the world need this right now. which is why I dare to be considered insane and naive and start a Global Party to gather up others that think there is a better way, that  we can redesign the whole system for the whole world and we can do it together as planet earth.